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Just got back from OFFF'11 yesterday. It was a great experience to meet some of the guys I normally only know from picture. I must say that I should have done a little more research on who is who because I didn't recognize some of the people that I really wanted to meet. The good thing was that I had a blast with my friends. I also got to know some people better that may lead to new collaborative projects or perhaps even co-founding an agency in the future .

I really want to thank the Slashthree staff because of the feature of my work 'Altered' during the Slashthree presentation. The talk itself was good and I really think that Saad Moosajee ,Sorin Bechira and Diego L. Rodriguez are very talented people.The only thing that I didn't like about OFFF was the organisation of the event. I mean it is not normal to sell 3000 tickets with a room capacity of 800 people. I did get to see most of my heroes but it was kind of a shame that I didn't get to see Ars Thanea.

I hope to go to every OFFF conference in the future so I get to meet and talk a lot more with the artists I know from online art communities.
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Hey guys,

I'm searching for some new kick-ass TV-shows because I feel like I've watched them all. As of now I'm watching "the Pacific" again but I want to watch something fresh. So if you know a TV-show as awesome as Boardwalk Empire, The Sopranos, Breaking Dad or Dexter then please do tell me.

Yes I like violence :)
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If you had the chance to select your dream line-up what would it be?
Do not just pick your fav music but think what would the greatest live performance.

mine would probably be

16:00h - 17:00h : BLACK KEYS
17:45h - 19:00h : QOTSA ( Songs for the Deaf )
19:45h - 21:00h : MUSE
21:45h - 23:00h : LED ZEPPELIN ( or DIRE STRAITS )
23:45H - / : DAFT PUNK ( homework)
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slashTHREE V4 is online!!! with 2 submissions from me and over 100 new artworks from other designers and a brand new website!!! Check it out at

Slashthree V4
Slashthree V4
Slashthree V4
Slashthree V4
Slashthree V4
Slashthree V4
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Hey guys!

I know I'm not that much on dA any more but I still try to keep you guys updated. So, recently I was asked to do a tutorial for Computer Arts UK. You can see it in their newest issue I've also have some screen shots on my website. Be sure to check it out

I'm also part of the artgroup Slashthree. Administrator of S3  Saad Moosajee, asked me to join Slashthree. After a few hours of surfing on the forums there I can honestly say I made the right decision. What really impressed me is the level of passion in the community and the professionalism of the Administration. I'm also looking forward to meet some of the members and watch the Slashthree reading at OFFF


Last but not least, EvokeOne's 23rd art pack "Voyage"!! I hope you guys enjoy the pack. I have one submission that I did in collaboration with Parker Gibson. The exhibition contains 47 images, 11 photos, 2 songs. Enjoy!

Evoke Exhibition XXIII: Voyage
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how are you guys doing?

I'm in my exams so I don't have a lot of time to do fun stuff. However I did update some work I did and I posted some of my new work on my website. I also posted a new behance project with close ups of my recent work. So tell me what you think of my website and my new blog I hope you guys like it. I'm also working on a tutorial for the piece "Nealli". The tutorial will probably be published on

and my newest behance project
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Of the new evoke site?


I think its awesome but really its just a beginning. If you really wanna know how awesome the new site is, you should join Evoke. Cause the new members section is absolutely gonna be mindblowing. So guys if you think you have a shot, then do not be afraid to take it.

on a other note

Who do think that will win the world cup?

I really don't know cause there are a lot of strong teams competing. But I wanna see England and the Netherlands do go far.
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Hey guys!

Yes I know I really have been inactive past year
but its time to make all of that that change
and comeback to scene. I just hope you haven't forgot about me.

I'm currently in my third year of graphic design at uni so
I'm busy with a lot of new projects for school. Also Evoke is
coming out with something big new very soon!

Ive also posted a new piece. I made this a while ago for a blog
I started with some friends where we post images we find on the internet
that we really like.

You can see some works in progress on my new blog

Follow me on cargo!

how are you guys?
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hey long time no see

So the new evoke pack called 'Mixtape' is out. You should definatly check it out! The pack contains 52 Images with some great submissions from dshPls,biomachina(onerepeat),ouwenz,H3AD3AD and Ecstatic. 9 Photos featuring TheLRD,Ryan Cordell and NCP. 7 Songs featuring Neo and st0rm. I hope you enjoy my submission.

In other news I was featured in a french magazine with a tutorial on contradicting lifestyles……
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Ive just made an account there

add me if you like.
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so its my birthday today. I'm gonna be so drunk today

visit my behance page
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Rolling out with another big one, Evoke strikes again. XVIII: Evoke II brings back fond memories of nostalgic styles as well as the glam, glitter, and personality of of future design and artistry. Bred from some of the freshest guys in the industry, this second freestyle pack features illustrations, audio, photography, and abstract on a level you've never seen before. Visual artists such as House, Dualform and Ouwen raised standard to new heights with amazingly vivid illustration and 3d work. And as always, the usual NEO, Liike, and NCP aka Nick have consistently kept the audio and photography sections superb.

Besides these guys, we take time to mention a member that has certainly suprised me and has shown himself right at home with us. So give a warm welcome not only to Vo1ture but SmirapDesigns, Travelling, LJ Jun and the rest of the new members on the scene.

So kick back, have a drink; take out your cigar, clip it, light it and get ready for the ride of your life. We're sure you will find something to fill your tastes on your way as we've been preparing for only the last two months to give you our best. We promise you'll be more than pleased.

yeey I got featured :)

Evoke Exhibition XVIII: Evoke II
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Hey there how are you guys?

You may have thought where the hell have you been.
Well I've just been busy with school , friends , family and girlfriend
But now I'm officially back with 4 new pieces and 1 collab and possible another collab for evoke's new pack that's coming soon.
Also I've made a behance page . It's a really cool site once you browse on it. I also see that I'm almost to 1100 watchers now.
thx you guys for appreciating my work
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I had to make a blog for school to post my pictures
the first assignment was to make 5 pics of texture/structure and 5 pics of light
the next one is ritme and perspective

check it out

I would like  thank all you guys that recommended me great movies and helped me picking a photo camera.

oh and btw I bought the nikon D40 and I'm in love with it
why that one? it was in promotion and the quality was allmost the same as the canon so...
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I'm buying a new camera this week
I'm still doubting which I'm gonna buy
Canon 400D or Nikon D40? or maybe something else
what do you think is the best
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ok I'm sick and bored and I wanna see some good works
so plz tell me what your best piece and give me a link to it

also can anyone tell me some good dvd's that I should definatly see? I mostly like crime,adventure,science-fiction but I'm open to everything
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so tell me , what are your wishes for 2008?

I wish for a good health of course and a sweet girlfriend. Also a ps3 and wacom tablet lol nah those things arent that important but also I'm gonna try to quit smoking and make some more art for you guys cause I kno I'm just beeing lazy these days

anyway the new evoke pack is coming soon...  
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Evoke14: Fable

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 1, 2007, 5:58 AM
The newest exhibition of the evokeone artgroup has just been released!
</i>Evoke14: Fable</i>
go see it

Featured Member: Joao Oliveira (a.k.a. biomachina)
Despite having only a years experience at the helm, João had taken the community by storm with his unique approach to art and styles. Recently winning MTV's 'Take Action, Make Art' competition, João continues to break down barriers and prove that experience doesn't count half as much as a young, fresh and creative mind does.

check him out:

63 digital artworks
17 photographys
10 audio submissions

Collabs by:

:iconliike: and :icontheartofhouse:
:icontheartform: and :icontheartofhouse:
:iconenvyme2x: and :icontheartofhouse:
:icongenesis-orbit: and :icontheartofhouse:
:icongenesis-orbit: and :iconblacklabelwood:
:icongenesis-orbit: and :iconsgwizz:
:iconredox3000: and :iconrelove02:
:icona-scend: and :iconrelove02:
:icona-scend: and :iconlost-exile:
:icontomasbrechler: and :iconlost-exile:
:iconvirus69: and :iconvelendil:

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Evoke XIII: Avante Garde

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 1, 2007, 10:38 AM
Evoke XIII: Avante Garde

Featuring 100+ art, audio, and photographic submissions, Avant Garde is a force to be reckoned with. As usual, members put out exceptional artwork, displaying what Avant Garde really is: advanced. Not to forget our new members who really stepped up & pushed the bar even further. Check it out:

Evokeone Avant Garde
Exhibition XIII
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